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RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - allows the Alarm Recorder to check for scheduled recordings if you reboot your phone;

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - important so the app can create MP3 or WAV files when you record stations;

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - necessary so the app can find audio files on your device and play them; we ONLY scan for music files!

WAKE_LOCK - necessary so when you have music playing/recording in the background, the phone won't go to sleep and interrupt your recording or listening.

READ_PHONE_STATE - necessary so when you get a phone call while listening to music, the music will stop.

INTERNET - used whenever you connect to the internet to listen to online streaming music;

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - simply checks if your device in online before executing online actions (playing music);

RECORD_AUDIO - actually necessary for the beat visualizer to work, since it is analyzing audio coming through the device; if you disable this permission, the app will crash when the visualizer starts;

MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - also necessary for lowering the sound when you get a phone call;